You’ll be glad to know…

That I finished squirrel-proofing my tomato patch. And it only cost me about 70 bucks for the chicken wire and posts and about ten hours of work.

I don’t know why I do it. I’ve never been able to outsmart a squirrel my entire life. I’m talking about bird feeders. If you ever tried it you know it’s impossible. The scientists say that, besides people, dolphins or chimpanzees are the most intelligent animals. Bull hockey! Compared to dolphins and chimps, squirrels are absolute geniuses. Compared to U-No-Hoo as well. For example, I spent about 70 bucks on the wire and posts. I can buy tomatoes for a buck fifty a pound. That’s 105 pounds of tomatoes. I could never eat 105 pounds of tomatoes. I’d get hives or something. And not only that, I’ve been trying to grow tomatoes all my life. In all that time I’ve gotten maybe ten or twelve edible tomatoes.

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  1. Chris M says:

    My grandmother RIP raised tomatoes in her S California garden. She died in 1974. We figured they cost about $10 each at that time, when gasoline was under a buck mostly and bread or milk was 25 cents.

    Maybe we all ate three of them a week. When the bugs and the mold and the birds did not get them first.

    Squirrels were not a problem there. Norway rats were.

  2. Meg says:

    uh – that’s $70/$1.50 per lb = 46.67 lbs, not $70*$1.50 per lb…..
    Still a lot of tomatoes though.
    Better cover your plants tonight before the freeze.

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