Still more tropical fruit

My old high school friend, Bob Pope (Sea Cow High, Manatee County, class of ’61) stopped in two days ago. I’ve mentioned before that he owns Pope’s Tropical Plants in Homestead. Well, as usual he dropped off some goodies. Of course the tastiest bananas on the face of the planet:


But also star fruit. Lots and lots of star fruit.

He has ties to Southeast Asia, and star fruit, also called “carabola” is from that region. There are several varieties of carabola. The reddish ones in the pile are arkins. The yellower ones are kwang¬† tung. Both very tasty. These suckers cost at least a buck a pop at the supermarket, and the ones you get there are quite small. Thanks, Bob.

Frau Grace and I had tickets to see The Daughter of the Regiment (Donisetti) at the Sarasota Opera on Saturday. Just learned it was cancelled due to covid in the chorus. Dang.

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