Thank you David and Bob. You two are absolute genius cartooners! I couldn’t work on the new blog format today. I had a full body massage. Well, almost a full body massage. She missed a couple of my special body parts (wink wink nudge nudge). And I had to take my car to the shop. But I’ll get back to work on it. I want a special page for your cartoons. So what I’ll have to do is change my home page to where it links to my daily cartoons, and another link to you submitted cartoons. The guy who wrote the plugin says that submitted stuff¬† will only post on my post page, if you understand. And my post page is my home page.

I also have been redrawing some of the cartoons in the I Thought They’d Never Leave collection. I had to take some cartoons from tear pages. That’s where you tear the printed page out of the magazine. And four of them didn’t print well because of the screening of the already screened cartoons. I’ll show you:

Secretary Albright has the French ambassador in her sights…


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