Max Patch Mountain

Max Patch is a bald mountain near the Tennessee border, elevation a little over 4600 feet. It has nice views of the surrounding mountains. It was a 45 minute drive on twisty roads to get there. The last 8 miles or so were gravel. A nice foot trail lead up to the peak. 

Speaking of the Tennessee Border…

That’s Homer and Jethro. I’ve had that lp for about 50 years. I have two of theirs. Jethro Burns was perhaps the finest mandolin players of his time. BTW I also have two Tiny Tim lps.


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9 Responses to Max Patch Mountain

  1. Robert R says:

    Didn’t Homer and Jerry place for a while with Spike Jones?

  2. Ron Johnson says:

    Damn, Bo. You’ve been less than 20 miles away from me for a couple of days. Are you sure that’s safe?

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