I spent 17 years in Tallahassee before I went to the DC area in 1979. I have some very dear friends there. We spent many hours at the Pastime Tavern drinking cheap beer and playing Botticelli. If you’re interested I can tell you how it’s played. But there are just a few of us left, and in addition to them, my major Professor, James G. Skofronick and his amazing wife, Dot. He wasn’t a beer drinker. I won’t tell you how old Dot is, but she can still run a marathon. Amazing. Dr. Skofronick is 90 years old now. He is probably the finest example of a human being whom I’ve ever known. In all the years I’ve known him, I never heard him utter a negative word about anyone, even people who would have deserved it. I never heard him say one four letter word, not even “Damn”. Even when we had been pulling an all nighter working on one of our experiments, and the damn beams froze up. That happened much too often. We were examining atomic and molecular collisions at near absolute zero. He was very smart, and a wonderful mentor. If you’re into science, got to your science library and look for articles authored by J. G. Skofronick and R. S. Grace. But that was 50 years ago. I’m deeply indebted to him. I dedicated my What’s New in Science book to him.

Another one of my dear friends is just about the smartest guy I ever knew, Dr. Fred Roberson, mathematics. And he’s a philosopher as well. Here’s some words of wisdom which I’ve heard him preach for the past 50 years…

I also have to mention our other two close friends Jane and Nelson. Poor Nelson, he put us up while we were there. Thanks, Nelly.


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