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Submit your cartoons as jpg, jpeg, png or gif. The cartoons should be 72 dpi and no more than 1500 x 1500 pixels. When I post my Sundays, for example, the dimensions are about 1000 x 700 px, or 14 by 9 inches. In  the “Comments” box put your name, and, if you like you may add your email, your url if you have a blog,  and a description. You don’t need to put in the latter stuff, but I will need your name or some nick name if you like.


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10 Responses to Post a Cartoon

  1. 81st Birthday Card for my father

  2. Robert Fletcher says:

    Not a whole lot to say

  3. Bob A says:

    Birthday card I drew for my father’s 82nd birthday

  4. dealing with time… hubcap comics

  5. Brad Guy says:

    It’s time for Another Episode of Dangerous Experiences!

  6. Robert R says:

    Cover art from 1998 Easter Card I made. Inside message was “Where Easter Eggs Actually Come From”. It was popular. Made with CorelDraw 8.

  7. Brad Guy says:

    Professor Farnsworth after his visit to the south pole.

  8. Brad Guy says:

    Tried posting this yesterday. Think I did something wrong.

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