Ernie Stuff

Frau Grace has a very limited supply of Ernie items. Email her at

Ernie/Piranha Club Original Strips

     *Dailies start at $120 + shipping

     *Sundays start at $150 + shipping

Ernie and Friends Poster  $75 + shipping (19 x 13.25 inches)

There were a total of 25 made in 2008.  Printed on heavy glossy paper (not sure exactly what kind), but it’s quality.  Bo will number, sign and add some special message to it if you like. Shipped in a mailing tube.  (Note: shiny part in upper right corner is a reflection)

Neckties  $100 + shipping

These are from about 25 years ago.  Notice that the piranhas on the ties are the same ones that swim across the top of this blog.

     *  Blue Tie

     *  Green Tie #1

*  Green Tie #2

Silk Screens $75 + shipping

These are used to print t-shirts.  They are not silk.  Suitable for framing.

     *Sid Screen 1989  (14.25 x 15 inches)

     *Nixon Screen 1998  (16 x 18.25 inches)

It says  1998 on the copyright notice. Bo drew it in 1990, and the story was never printed in the United States. It features Richard Nixon. (The story will appear in a future collection). Here’s the strip:

Lapel Pins  $15 + shipping

There are four different pins,  three from Scandinavia.

A. Silver guy (Scandinavia)  (Not real.  At least, don’t think so.)

B. Bronze guy (Scandinavia)  (Not real. At least, don’t think so.)

C.  Enamel guy (made in the US)  (Real, of course!)

D. Odd guy (Scandinavia)  (Real, Not real?  Metal?)

Refrigerator Magnet   $15 + shipping  (1.75 inches per side)

Piranha Club Membership Badge  $15 + shipping  (3 inches)

You pin it to your jacket or whatever.

Coffee Mug  $25 + shipping


Money Clip   $15 plus shipping

More items to come.