Your Cartoons

Here’s another good one from Bob —-

From Bob A. It’s a thank you card. Pretty good, Bob.

Robert R gave us the low down in “Comments”:

Cover art from 1998 Easter Card I made. Inside message was “Where Easter Eggs Actually Come From”. It was popular. Made with CorelDraw 8.


Thanks Mr. Bad Wrench. I like it. Notice his real initials are  B.G. Maybe it was U-No-Hoo in a former life. Don’t mess with those pesky piranhas!..

From Mike M, Hubcap Comics. I know how you feel, Mike. Too many of us are ruled by our time schedules. It’s good to be retired.

The next one is from Fletch.

I have to comment on this one, Fletch. It’s one of my pet peeves. Those people who never shut up are the least worth listening to. And that’s because they never listen. You don’t learn by talking.

Who sent this one? I lost my notes.

OK this next one is from Dave R. I’ve had several teachers I didn’t think much of, and there were two I absolutely hated. The first was Mrs. Hagar (the horrible) It was fourth grade. I was just a little boy with problems they didn’t know or care about back then. I spent so many hours missing recess or staying after school writing a hundred times “I will not disturb the class” or the like. The other was even more evil. Mr. Goslin , my algebra teacher. I was two weeks late coming to school that year because I was picking tobacco that summer up north to make a little money (I worked all summer and came home with $15). I came home to find my father dying. I didn’t have a class book, but that didn’t bother him. I couldn’t study or do the homework. He gave me a D. The evil son of a bitch. After that he was named Dean of Boys. By the way, the football coach was later named principal. He was the one who gave me the assignment of cleaning his toilet.

Like it. That was his teacher whom everybody hated. I had a few like that in my younger days. I’ve been so tied up I forget who sent that one..

From Bob A. It’s a cartoon he drew for his father upon his 81st birthday…