Other Cartoon Collections

Babs and Binky – What’s New in Science – I Thought They’d Never Leave

The first is Babs and Binky. It was kiddie strip I did in 03-04. It’s 65 pages, six months of strips, the Sundays in color. It’s 8.5 x 11.  The price is $12.


It’s available here

What’s New in Science

There are 150 science related magazine cartoons that I drew about 35 years ago. You might need to have a scientific background to appreciate some of them.

It’s available here

 I Thought They’d Never Leave

It’s available here

There’s another collection of single panel magazine cartoons from the 80’s. Some of these are very naughty, not for kids. As time permits I will redo the collection and see if I can get Amazon to publish it. It would be cheaper. It’s available now from Lulu.

Guess Who Got Lucky