Blue Monday

My favorite Fats song



Grandpa Fernwilter has a little income on the side… From July 1997.

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Welcome to Lizard Land

Lizards are all over the place around here. It’s like one of the plagues of Egypt.

This is from 1995. Sorry, I don’t have the color files for those early strips.

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I bought this orchid for Frau Grace one week before Mother’s Day. Here it is two months later and it still has blooms.

Frau Grace’s succulents are blooming.

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Old People in Love

I think it’s Part 5. It could be Part 7.

Pierre Spruces Up.




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Another day in Paradise

I went to the supermarket today. I was elated. The message has finally gotten through. There were only six people without facemasks.


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Happy Wednesday





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This just in…

      The rioting in major cities across  the U.S. has spread to The Villages, Florida, a retirement community of 100,000. Looters in Florida’s friendliest hometown have especially broken into stores that sell items like laxatives, vitamins, hearing aids, reading glasses, energy drinks and surgical stockings. The thugs were easily caught and arrested since they were using their walkers and golf carts to flee. The protests have been limited to the evening hours because most of the lawbreakers either had doctor’s appointments during the day or rioting would have interfered with their naps. 
      The marches didn’t last that long because many of the demonstrators had to get home to pee. In many cases, the demonstrators simply forgot why they were even there. 
Officials considered a curfew starting at 9 p.m. But since that’s the time when most of the residents go to bed anyway, it was decided that it wasn’t needed. 
      Community leaders concluded that part of the problem was that residents were restless because they had too much time on their hands since the recreation centers, pools, theaters, boutique stores and especially the bars were closed due to the corona virus. 
      Community officials wanted to form a committee to look further into the problem, but the next day no one could remember why they needed a committee.

That’s me all over. By the way, I haven’t given up on my banana tree. The first one kind of rotted away, but it’s hard to keep an expert horticulturist down. It probably was that runt banana I planted. This one will grow for sure.

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I ran out of hot sauce last Thursday. I usually buy it at our huge flea market, but but these days I’m not going to mingle with the hoards of bargain hunters. I ordered a few bottles online.

Meantime Dag Kolstad sent me this from his local paper. Question #7…

If you don’t speak the language it says:

What atomic physicist suddenly decided to become a cartoonist, even though he had hardly drawn a line in his entire life and was particularly fond of toasters and piranhas?

Oh, my goodness! It’s the annual son-in-law tossing competition…




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I’m thinking about getting another car. I don’t buy new cars. Used is fine with me. Same with Sid in 2008…



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A Couple Videos (Not by me)

Robert R sent me this one. I guess he knows that raccoons are my favorite animal.

Some of you might know that another Chon Day was a terrific magazine cartoonist.

My sister sent me this. It’s really incredible.

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