Did you know that Sid cheats at cards?





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My old friend…

My old high school friend, Bob Pope, was up last week. I’ve mentioned him before. Heck of a nice guy. He has a PhD in bugs. He used to show up in Mrs. McCarty’s biology class with jars full of dead bugs. He taught at Miami Dade for many years. He’s retired from that, and he has a nursery in Homestead selling tropical plants, mainly wholesale. Most of what he sells goes to South East Asia. It’s hard to believe, but he can put a 12 foot palm tree in a crate, put it on a boat, and three months later, when they open the crate in Indonesia, the tree is just fine.

He still has his boyhood home here in Bradenton, and he comes up every three months or so. And he usually brings us strange tropical fruits or plants. This time he brought three fruits called mamey sapote.

He tells me that the fruit is very popular in Cuba. The flesh is kind of mushy, and it tastes like chocolate and pumpkin. He says it’s very good in smoothies, especially when it’s combined with mango. The large seed, about 2.5 inches long is pretty keen. He says that people in Cuba often put 0ne on a string and wear it around their necks.

He also brought me a beautiful plant called a Brazilian lily. Thanks, Bob.

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And the good news is…

This morning I managed to procure vaccine appointments for Frau Grace and her sister. None for U No Hoo so far.

Thanks to Scott for security advice. Who in the world would want to hack my site? Takes all kinds. I think somebody has hacked my Hulu account. Last night I checked my continue watching link, and there were all sorts of dumb movies I knew nothing about.

It could be worse. Just now I’m reading “Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome” by E.M. Berens. You would not have enjoyed living back in those days. Believe me. Years ago, when I lived in D.C. I was listening to a radio show where the host invited people to call in and talk about inventions that they couldn’t live without. They came up with refrigerators, dishwashers, salad shooters, bread machines, and other stupid stuff, not that refrigerators are stupid, mind you. I was amazed. Nobody, absolutely nobody mentioned the indoor flush toilet.

Whoa! Delores is doing some high powered landscaping!

Check it out.

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Another attempted hack

And I’m getting tired of it. One of you told me a while back that I should look into Google hosting. I think I’ll do it as soon as I find time.




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Remember the Stooges when they took an x-ray of Curly’s brain? All bone. And remember when they x-rayed Dizzy Dean’s brain after he was hit in the head with a ball. He said they found nothing.


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And now for the weather…

I always read the online news first thing in the morning. Then I check the weather:

Those weather guys aren’t taking any chances.

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Happy Monday

I spent all day yesterday trying to get my Behringer mixers to work. If you have a Behringer Xenyx 1204 and you can’t get audio out, toggle the 2-TR/USB button.

Today I planted delphiniums.

Check out my pineapples.

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And now in the news…

Bear Bit Bare Butt

Did you read about the lady in Alaska who sat down in an outhouse, and a bear was in the hole? Can y0u imagine?!

Fred E sent me this. #4 kinda looks like my ex wife…

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Somebody tried to hack me again.


Just so you know, I’ve been working on my audio. My new computer is in the shop. Last time it cost me $400 to fix it. Tye problem is the security system in Big Sur. Hopefully I’ll have it back by Wednesday. so what is happening with Arnold’s brain?

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Have you heard…

About our governor here in Florida? Manatee County, where I live is going to get 3000 additional doses of the Covid vaccine. Governor DeSantis is giving all the shots to the wealthy Lakewood Ranch development. What a great guy, huh? Hey, the poor people (and we have plenty here) don’t deserve it.

By the way, and I’m not complaining, I haven’t gotten my shot yet.

I used to have a Facebook page, but I dropped it. I don’t particularly like Zukerman selling people’s data. But I broke down and I’m setting up a new page primarily for the videos that I’ve been making. I’m having some trouble. My posts don’t seem to show and I can’t add a bio. Any ideas?

Delores has a special announcement. (Here is the Vimeo link) (Here’s the YouTube link. It’s a slightly different cut)




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