I had another tough day today. Tell you tomorrow. Unless I have another tough day tomorrow.

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I’m late posting today. I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.


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Reminds me of my baby hamsters. There were about a dozen of them. Then I came home from schoo0l one day and my old man said they ran away.

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Howdy Pardner!

Remember when Arnold dated the chicken? Back in 1992.

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Amazing Sea Monkeys!

Yes, folks, Arnold finally gets a couple million little pets to cuddle with…

BTW I have always been a great fan of Little Lulu. I still have a bunch of her comic books.

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Guess what I did today

I cleaned up my drawing table.



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My salad

Mighty tasty!

Only one other ingredient could improve it. Right, Nosegirl? 

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Did you see the planets this morning? All in a line, looking southeast, from right to left, Saturn, Jupiter Mars, the moon and Venus. All very clear. Mercury was below the tree line, so I couldn’t see it. It was really spectacular.

As for my tune-up, I’m pretty sure I passed. The head psychologist asked me a bunch of questions. I did ok. Then I had to do a bunch of multiple choice questions, pages and pages of questions. Stuff like “Are you going to kill yourself tomorrow?” and “Can you read other peoples’ minds?” After that another gal had me shuffle around blocks and connect dots and stuff like that. I think I did good. The Birds! The Birds! urk! urk! urk!

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Where was I all day today?

In for my annual tune-up. Tomorrow I’ll tell you how it went.

In the meantime I have three stand-alones to finish off the week. From 2013:



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You know, lately I’ve been posting on Facebook, even though I don’t think I like Zukerman much. But I’m there anyway. Mainly what I do is post the same strips that I post here. But I’m friends with a few of you. I get lots of friend requests, too many to deal with. I mean a couple thousand. If you would like to friend me, shoot me an email and put in a friend request. I’ll try to get it done. I’m not good at it.

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