It took me three tries to get past my editor on this one. The final was the one that was published.


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Right Lisa. This should have been yesterday…


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Mike M sent me this from the WSJ.

I agree, Mike, it looks kike Effie’s handiwork. Personally, I’m not like that at all. I make good stuff. Like last night. I had left over Liver.

Mighty tasty. And as I’ve said before, much of the pleasure in the dining experience is in the presentation. 

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Guess who stopped by

Banana Bob. He keeps dropping off bananas. I’m beginning to think he suspects a simian lineage.

Lisa, is this the Grandpa and Shorty story you wanted me to post?

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HI there


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Somebody remind me. Christmas is a comin’ and the geese are getting fat. When I was a kid that was my favorite Christmas carol. Sung by Bing Crosby. We had a 78. That was 1947. Tomorrow I have to draw a Christmas card. Geeze. I’m like Enos. I hate thinking.

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Wednsday and Thursday

Sorry about missing yesterday. I had another hacking attempt.



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Today Loinfruit and I went over to the park ball field to throw an old boomerang from his childhood. He threw it and it came back way over his head. I told him that he’d better go to the middle of the field. He never did pay much attention to me. He threw it again, and it landed in the parking lot hard and one tip broke off. He came back, threw it from the edge of the field, and it came back and landed on the roof of the building. Then we came home. What a fun outing with my boy! Do you have adult kids like that?


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You know, I’ve been mixed up since Thursday. Friday I thought it was Saturday, and Sunday I thought was Monday. I’ll bet some of you were the same. Hell getting old, ain’t it?

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