Nothing new. Except tomorrow it’s supposed to get down to 37°. Geeze. I got to move down to Florida where it’s warm.


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You’ll be glad to know…

That I finished squirrel-proofing my tomato patch. And it only cost me about 70 bucks for the chicken wire and posts and about ten hours of work.

I don’t know why I do it. I’ve never been able to outsmart a squirrel my entire life. I’m talking about bird feeders. If you ever tried it you know it’s impossible. The scientists say that, besides people, dolphins or chimpanzees are the most intelligent animals. Bull hockey! Compared to dolphins and chimps, squirrels are absolute geniuses. Compared to U-No-Hoo as well. For example, I spent about 70 bucks on the wire and posts. I can buy tomatoes for a buck fifty a pound. That’s 105 pounds of tomatoes. I could never eat 105 pounds of tomatoes. I’d get hives or something. And not only that, I’ve been trying to grow tomatoes all my life. In all that time I’ve gotten maybe ten or twelve edible tomatoes.

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What did I do on my B-day?

I went to an expensive hotel in St. Petersburg and took a bath.

If you’re wondering about the roll of tp, I had to set my IPad on the toilet to get the shot. I had it on a ten second delay, and when I hit the tub I almost seared my butt. I should have been a professional photographer.

Yes, folks, Ernie wants large kissable lips…

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OK, you guessed

39 years old today. Frau Grace is dragging me to St. Pete.

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Frau Grace is celebrating. Today is her last day as president of our HOA. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that she has spent a minimum of twenty hours a week working on neighborhood stuff. Maybe now I can stop doing the dishes. I’ll get to the Comments tomorrow. I have to take the soon to be exprez to the final board meeting. You won’t have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore!

Tomorrow is a big day. Can anybody guess what?

Back in 2008 Ernie decided to look sexier (as if that were possible).

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Oh yes! Ernie became a father. This is from January 2014…

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Nothing new. I think I finally have made all the corrections to the daily collections, thanks to Torbjörn. I will be uploading files to the publisher this week.

The other day I said that I came across some strips that, for one reason or another, weren’t published. At least I think they weren’t. Here’s one:

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I found that property from yesterday on  If you’re interested it’s 832 Town Farm Road, Brandon VT. The sad part about it is that it’s evident that, in the not too distant past, people were living there. They must have been destitute to live like that.. You might not have noticed the dismantled crib among the trash in the living room. I find it very sad.

I spent today trying to put chicken wire around my tomato plants. Whew! I’ve gained a lot of respect for old time chicken farmers. When I was a little boy in Pennsylvania, my old man had a chicken yard. We had fresh eggs every morning and fried chicken every Sunday.

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Whats new with Sid

After I retired, Sid was out of work. He’s gone back to his real estate business. He begged me, so I told him I’d let him advertise one of his listings.

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Well my server did it again. I just now reposted yesterday’s post. Sorry for the delay. I’m posting today’s right now instead scheduling it for 6:00. Right now it’s 4:57 my time.

I mentioned that I bought a new IPad. Guess what. The old $100 Apple pencil doesn’t work on the new IPad. I have to buy another one. Apple’s good at what they do. They could get blood out of a turnip.

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