As Delores announced, I’m going up to DC on Monday for a week. Frau Grace has a doctors appointment. We’ll also visit with a bunch of our friends. But I doubt if there will be a video Friday. I have one, but it’s not very good.

Oops. Did you catch the mistake? White necktie in p3.



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A Special Announcement

Thanks for your comments about my AC. I’ve been paying the AC company that installed my unit 3 years and 3 weeks ago $184 a year for maintenance. What a rip-off. It looks like there’s a crack in the drip pan. It’s inaccessible unless you remove all the innards out of the air handler. I took off the two covers and looked at it. There’s no way I can fix it. The guy said it would take two men three hours to do the job. Incidentally, they also have a plumbing service. I have a clogged drain that I wanted cleared. I paid them something over $500 for them to tell me that for another $1300 they’d do the job. Hey, there’s one born every minute.


Now a very special ANNOUNCEMENT.

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Summer has arrived and my AC is hors de combat. I had it installed 3 years and 3 weeks ago today. And the warranty on the air handler ran out when? You guessed it.

Check out my cayenne peppers. Mighty fine eatin!

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What ever happened to…

What ever happened to Delores’ octopus from last Friday?

First you dip it in boiling water until the tentacles curl:

See, I tonged him by his little head. Then you boil it for about 45 minutes:

See how his little head swelled up? Frau Grace marinated it with a recipe she found on line. Turns out it was far too much oregano.

I cut off his little bloated head.

Then I broiled it until it turned  a lovely golden brown.

I scraped the oregano off. I also ate the head. Believe it or not, it was really good. I guess Sid just liked to complain.





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Apparently the 406 error  was caused by the WP Security plugin. And I found out why the “categories” widget was on the right side under the calendar. My idiot assistant (F.G.) was messing around. She’s trying to set up new ones or reorganize the other pages on the menu. We’ll get it figured out eventually. Thanks for all your comments. They really help.


(And I don’t want to hear any guff from you ladies out there because I referred to F.G. as my idiot assistant. Reread that last panel. That’s for real.)




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I’m getting tired of this

And I’m sure you are as well re: error 406. Here’s what Peter K commented:

Apple sneaked in an undocumented “security update” under cover of its updates to iPadOS 14.5 and iTunes for macOS. This caused the 406 “error” on Bud’s website on an iPad which had not been updated and which was miraculously cured by installing the 14.5 update. Apple’s error message egregiously tried to place the blame on website owners. The iTunes update on a Mac also causes problems with loading some previously working web addresses which Apple now claims are not meeting some “protocol” – presumably one they have just invented themselves?

Has anyone who isn’t using Mac equipment had the same error?  As Peter says, if you have an IPad or Mac of any kind, if you’ve updated to  OS 14.5, that might be the problem. My IPad works fine, and I have OS 14.4, not 14.5.

I hate the way Apple keeps updating systems. I still use my 2011 IMac for graphics. As you Mac users know, with Catalina and later, all your 32 bit software becomes obsolete. I have an external bootable drive with High Sierra that I can use when my old IMac buys the farm. That’s been a wonderful machine for a long long time.

I have  plugin called WP Security.  I’ll try deactivating that and see if it helps. Thanks for keeping me informed.

Now what the heck is this “Categories widget on the right side? Geeze!


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Chris M. got a 406 error yesterday. Has this happened to anyone else?

Notice I fixed the archive list on the right side panel? I don’t know how it happened. I have my idiot assistant working on a new layout. If the blog disappears sometime this week, blame Frau Grace.

Uh oh! Trouble with Bobo. From 2013…

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Dining with Delores

First, in response to comments about my mustache from years ago, here’s a drivers license photo from 1980.

Would you let your daughter date this young man? I’ll tell you, going through airport security back then was no piece o’ cake.


Delores’ cooking show is suffering from poor ratings…

Dining with Delores

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My CFO and Director of Marketing

That would be Frau Grace. She’s going to see what old stuff we have lying around that people might like. She says we have some t-shirts and pins and some other stuff. I’ve also asked her to look at different blog themes, that is, the appearance of the site. I’m guessing that everyone is a little tired of this old one. we’ll see what we can do. Any suggestions from you would be welcome.

Tomorrow Delores is going to air another one of her cooking programs. Prepare to take notes.


Wow! I still had my mustache back then. I still have dreams that the hair keeps getting in my mouth.

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