Not much today. Delores is still giving me problems.

BTW, if you want me to sign books let me know before next Wednesday.



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I spent all day trying to direct Doris in her latest blockbuster. Man! She thinks like she’s Liz Taylor! You think we directors have an easy time of it. WAKE UP AND SMELL YOUR WIFE’S FEET! And you know how they smell.

So I’m up to my gluteus maximi trying to get this project to OSCAR LEVEL CENTIMATIC EXCELLENCE!

Wish me luck.

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Howdy… If you’re interested in me signing one of the new books, email me before next Wednesday.





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Somebody tried to hack my blog today. This covid thing is driving people up the wall with boredom.

Back in 2007 Doris tried to nail Ernie. (If you recall, in 2013 she finally got the job done. Women!)


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What’s for Breakfast Sunday morning?

A leftover liver sandwich. Mighty tasty!

It’s the last day of the Masters in Georgia. For all you golf nuts:

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Movie critics in “Comics”

Siskel and Ebert you ain’t. I think Chris had it right when instead of the Cannes Festival, he suggested the Can Festival in Sturgis, South Dakota. That’s where the big motorcycle festival is held. I guess the cans he was talking about were beer cans. That’s all I can figure.

I owned two motorcycles in my life. well the first one wasn’t much of hog. It was my 1948 Cushman Eagle, 5 brake power. That was ca. 1960. Anna Maria Island is flat, but we had bridges. I would have to get off and help push it up the span. Top speed as I remember was about 17 mph. Remember, Arnold had a 1948 Cushman once.

Then around 1975 I bought an old 350 Honda. I lived in Tallahassee on El Rauncho Street at the time. (Officially it was named El Rancho, but the street sign said El Rauncho. It was a duplex. The guy next door piled his garbage against his kitchen wall and it ate through to my side.)  The neighborhood was on a  loop road. There were maybe 20-25 duplexes in there. I rode that bike around the loop three times before I crashed and  went to the hospital.

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What the Heck is Delores Up To?!!!



Au Chez Blort



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Apres le deluge

The storm was gone this morning despite what the weather apps said. It wasn’t too bad, wind gusts maybe 50-55 mph. My rain gauge only takes 5 inches and it was full. My areca palm lost a trunk:


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Hurricane Season

There was a mistake in the 20092010 book on the Lulu site. The price was wrong. It’s fixed now.

It’s going to be dicey around here till Friday. The wind isn’t too bad, but till now (4:00 PM) we’ve had four inches of rain.



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The books are available now from Lulu.

I just got it done today. Whew! Look at yesterday’s post for information. It may be a while before I get them to be available on Amazon and other book sellers.

If you would like one or more signed, I can do it one of two ways:

You can buy the book and send it to me with any special request, e.g. what character you would like me to draw and/or what message you would like me to write. Include a self addressed stamped return envelope. I will have to charge for insurance. Last year I got stung with a few packages that didn’t arrive.

You can email me with your request. I will send you a PayPal invoice that will cover shipping, insurance etc. I can’t let this drag out, so send it within the next two weeks. Tuesday, November 24 will be the last day to email me.

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