I had to change the title

OK, I’m not bitching. Maybe you’re not in a covid hotbed. If you’re not in a place that’s bad, ok, don’t wear a facemask. But I live in Manatee county, population 322,000. This is why I believe people should wear masks:


I changed the title. YouTube won’t list anything that has a naughty title. And even though These recent videos aren’t naughty, they did have a naughty title.

Old People in Love Part 4



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OK, I’m through bitching

But please understand this. I’m a scientist. I believe in science. And I also believe that medical experts know more about medical science than I do.


Now I know what you’re wanting to know. How is my banana tree coming along.

I think it needs to sit there for a while. I fully expect a beautiful banana tree to spring up and day now. I don’t know what happened to the banana that I peeled. Maybe a raccoon ate it.

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No more bitching today. Here’s Bartender Zerblat from 2003…






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Florida, as you know, has experienced a huge spike in infections. As of this moment there are 2,856 cases in Manatee County. Our governor decided that it was time to let people go to the bars and restaurants and the beach. Now we’re paying for his irresponsible decision. Dying is a big price to pay for someone’s stupid mistake.  When I go to the grocery store I estimate that 20%-25% still aren’t wearing face masks. I’m sure these people could care less about social distancing as well. I have little respect for people who maintain such a cavalier attitude about spreading such a deadly disease.


Here’s something a little less serious:

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Gardening Tip

Here’s a little help for you home gardeners.

How to grow a banana tree.


Zerblat is working. From 2003…

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Here is a Sunday from June 1993. Sorry, I don’t have the color file.


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Old People Having Sex Part 6

I see that I forgot to make OPHS Part 4. I think I made the film. Who knows? We old people having sex often become confused.


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Happy Thoisday

As Jerome Horowitz would say.



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Did I miss a day?

Sometimes I hit the publish button and it doesn’t publish even though it says it did. I’m not sure yesterdays post was published. I redid it. Here’s today’s post:

First, Matti E sent me this old Larson cartoon. Really good as far as I’m concerned. Hit the nail on the head for me. I recall when I was in grad school I drew a brochure for our comprehensive party. That’s when you pass the comprehensive exams. (Guess who set the curve.) The lady secretaries in the physics department didn’t appreciate it. I drew a scantily clad nymphet gamboling through the forest.


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About my truck

I dropped my truck off at Burke’s Auto in Bradenton last Friday when I picked up my sister-in-law’s car.  As I told you they fixed it up and saved her $300. Great place. I left my truck there.  Well they looked at it yesterday. I said “Is it worth fixing?” Then we laughed and laughed.

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