Sunday – Ybbs (Wherever that is) I forgot to post this yesterday

Actually it’s in Austria. Ybbs isn’t much of a town…

But outside of Ybbs is the palace of Archduke Ferdinand whose assassination along with his wife’s was the major factor in the launching of WWI. He was archduke rather than king because his wife wasn’t royal enough. He was devoted to her, and forewent the crown. One thing about him that I learned and I didn’t like much was that he was an rabid hunter. Hunting is ok, but this guy shot over 20,000 animals all over the world. Geeze, Ferd, back off. This was his palace.

In a huge crypt under the palace lay members of his family. His and his wife’s sarcophagi lie apart from the others:

The best part was that I got to meet his great grand daughter, Countess Alix. She was so sweet and charming. It was a genuine honor.

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Monday. I’m running a little late today

I forget who it was, but he asked me to run an old bungee jumping story. It’s from 1991..




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Saturday – Linz Austria

Just so you know, I’ve begun work on a book of 2003-2004-2005 Sundays. I hope to have it ready by late October to early November.

Our captain was Captain Peter Werner, an Austrian. He was really terrific.

Some photos around Linz, Austria:

I spent more time in churches than I had in the past 20 years.

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Friday Prague

We were in Prague for three days. Maybe four, I forget. It’s a beautiful city, especially around the old Jewish sector. I transferred all my Prague photos to my old Macbook Air, which promptly lost them all. So you dodged a bullet. But Frau Grace took a few pictures:


Franz Kafka was a native of Prague. Did you ever read The Metamorphosis? He is buried there. Here’s his statue:



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I took about a million pictures while I was in Eastern Europe., and it will take me a while to get them organized. But I’ll begin with our last stop: The Carpathian Mountains and Dracula’s castle.Actually, Dracula wasn’t real, you know. The Castle was said to be Bram Stoker’s inspiration for the story. The guide said that Vlad the Impaler only stayed there for two nights. The Carpathians:

The highest peak in the Carpathians is about 8000 feet. As for the castle, here is the the castle courtyard:

The princes of Romania at the time of the castle. You’ll recognize Vlad:


And the castle:

Mighty Creepy!

Thanks to Russ for pointing out a duplication in my What’s New in Science book. Page 132 and 138 are the same. I was unable to correct it while I was in Europe. I’ve now done so. As soon as I receive my new proof, the corrected book will be available. In case you bought the book already, here is the stupid cartoon that was left out:

I figured out what was wrong with the Guess Who Got Lucky listing. The book contains some naughty cartoons. I marked it as not for children, so it wouldn’t come up in a search. That’s corrected now. Here’s the link:

Guess Who Got Lucky

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Tuesday and here’s why I haven’t posted much for the past 4 weeks

Frau Grace and I have been traveling in Europe. I couldn’t post that, of course. I didn’t want that big Mayflo0wer van parking outside and hauling away my 65 inch Samsung. Well, I’m back now, and I’ll  be getting back into the ol’ harness tomorrow. Or maybe Thursday. The bad news is you’re going to have to put up with my vacation slides from now till December. Oh, heck, I might as well get yu warmed up with one of my really great videos. This gem is from Brashov Romania…






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From 1990. This was the first Bayonne’s Most Beautiful Baby contest. Sorry, no color back then.



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