Consider that there are about six billion people on the face of our planet, and I am the only one wearing a brand new Sea Monkeys T-shirt! Wow!

Eat yer hearts out.

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Blue Monday


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Yet another poker game down at the Piranha Club…


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I just noticed that last Monday’s post wasn’t posted.  I just now posted it. It’s the one before this post.

I spent all day making the cover for my latest single panel collection. I had to reformat everything in the interior. That’s what’s been tying me up lately. I hope to have it out sometime next week. Here’s the cover.

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Memorial Day

I just noticed that this hadn’t been posted. It’s from Memorial Day. And it’s the beginning of the Spencer story.

Phillip B sent me this remembrance of those who have served their country, and especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. Although this an American memorial, it should extend honor to those of all nations who have served to protect their freedom and their homes. And we should not forget that those also serve who only stand and wait. Thanks, Phillip.

Bob A sent me a nice drawing. I’m guessing it’s a self portrait. Click on the “Your Cartoons” link. Thanks, Bob.

OK, get ready for three weeks my favorite little kid… 

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One thing I’m Good at!

I can grow cayenne peppers. I’ve grown about a half a million of them. Look at the size of these suckers.

What I do is put about ten of them in a ziplock, cover them with olive oil and freeze them. They keep really good that way. I also grow beautiful tomatoes. The three on the right are big boys, the two on the left are heritage.

What I do is put them in a ziplock, cover them with olive oil and throw them in the garbage.


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What day is it today?

OK, I have an excuse for Tuesday. I was up at 1:00 AM. I had to take Frau G down to Sarasota for eye surgery. I only had two hours of sleep. If that isn’t a good enough excuse, I’m also old and stupid. So today I’ll post Monday thru Thursday’s strips…

But first: When I went to North Carolina a few weeks back, well I had two nice peppers and a tomato I hated to lose, so I put them in a baggie in the freezer. Last night I decided I might as well roast them and so I did. I wasn’t too good, but this morning I hated to waste two good peppers and a tomato (what was left of them) so I fried them up and scrambled them with a couple eggs.


And it tasted just about as good as it looks. Do any of you people eat crap like this for breakfast? BTW I took one bite and tossed it. OK here’s a bunch of comics:


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