Babs and Binky

Wait! There’s more! There is also my Babs and Binky book, regular and collector’s. King Features had changed the title to Babs and Aldo, I won’t go into the reason, but for me it was always Babs and Binky. There is no hard cover version. I did Babs and Binky for six months in 2003-2004. Drawing two newspaper comic strips and also drawing comic book stories was too much work, and I had to drop it. There are six months worth of strips. The Sundays are in full color. Below is a sample page. By the way, this strip is the first joke I ever made up. I was four, and I wrote the letter to my baby sitter. My mother asked me what it said.

Also BTW, my son, Loinfruit, made up his first joke when he was a toddler. You can tell when a toddler has to do his business. We were at the dinner table, Loinfruit was in his highchair, and he had that look on his face. We had a potty chair mounted on the toilet, and until then he wasn’t interested in it. I said “Why don’t you be a big boy and use the potty like daddy?” “He said “Otay”, climbed down from his highchair, went over, picked up a newspaper, and walked into the bathroom. I peeked in, and there he was sitting on the toilet reading the paper.

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Babs and Binky   (Kindle)