Happy Thanksgiving

Here’s what’s left of our turkey…

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What is the little scamp up to today?



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Another talented display

Tweety does one other trick besides this one:

Projectile pooping through my window screen.


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Back in 2003 I was very busy so I hired my friend, Jay Scruggs, to help me out. (By the way, now he’s a senior vice president of one of the biggest architectural firms in DC) Jay is tremendously talented. He inked my 2 week vacation back in 03. I wish I could draw as good as he does.

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The 05-06 book had a duplicate strip. It was much easier to draw a replacement than reformat the whole darn book. The last strip on page 67 was a duplicate. Thanks, Torbjörn. I drew this one this morning for a replacement:That’s about as silly as it gets.

In 2009 Mother Packer was trying her luck at the casino…


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I’m so handy around the house

Our dishwasher started acting up. I told Frau Grace I’d fix it.

I just ordered a new dishwasher. It cost me $962.99. 

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Hula Girl

I always thought that Rick Kirkman and I might be related. Three generations ago a Kirkman married into the Grace family. Or vice versa. He’s a helluva of a nice guy. I named Ernie’s and Doris’ baby Fillmore because Rick had two daughters both named after presidents, Madison and Taylor.

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Howdy. I’m still recovering from my little vacation. You know how it is.A little R&R for a few days, and when you get home it’s R&R from your trip, and after that a few days at the Betty Ford Clinic. Whew!


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Where have I been since Saturday?

Sanibel Island. Mind if I blow up that last one?

Now that’s gotta hurt.


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