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Here’s  a page from the old Piranha Club web site. It’s email to me. It was posted August 1996…

And now from the ol’ mail bag…





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The Secret Piranha Club Handshake

These instructions came with Piranha Club membership. I believe I had written instructions that went with the illustrations.










Oops. Left out the “N”. The reason that happens is because when I’m lettering, I’m drawing letters. I’m not really writing.

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Ya know…

You people are just great. You did your best to help me get the blog up and secure. Thank you.

I see that the old club brought back a few memories. That was fun back then. I’ll see if I can dig up some of the old stuff.



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About my original web site

I started it in 1996. As I mentioned, it was tedious because back then I had to write all the html code.

Here’s an example.

In addition there were several other pages: Sid’s real estate, Effie’s recipe contest, Piranha Club membership, and other stuff I don’t remember. I only updated it once a week. If you know what you’re doing you might be able to copy that code create a page. The name of the file is special.html. I can click on that file on my computer, and it opens it in my browser.

You notice that the pages take longer to load now. That’s because of the encryption process.

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Thanks for your help and comments. In all my searching for solutions, I learned a few things. My original host was Bluetooth. The blog was But I had trouble with them. Probably something was too complicated. So a few years back I switched to InMotion and started I had forgotten that. Hey, I’m old. By the way, does anyone recall my original web site in 1996? It was so much work I had to drop it. It took two whole days of work to keep it up because I had to write all the html code.

You notice that the site is secure now. It was a bear installing the security system. I can’t believe that it’s working. No more warnings.

Speaking of the original site from the 1990s, if you had joined the Piranha Club, District of Columbia Chapter,  Sid would have sent you this personal letter of acceptance:

As for my how to video about computer repair, Chris, in comments, was very appreciative. Evidently he roasted weenies soon after repairing his computer as per my instructions.

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Thanks for all your inputs. I believe I have my security problem finally solved. It took all day. I’m not sure if the visuals are ok. Let me know.

As you’ve learned from the past week or so, I’m a computer whiz. And I’m afraid that I didn’t have time to produce another Old People in Love video, being tied up with blog security for the past several days. (Actually, I have an Old People video that’s almost ready. Maybe tomorrow or Sunday.) But I made an instructional video a few weeks ago. Perhaps I might be able to give you a few pointers when it comes to computer repair.

How to repair your Mac Mini




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See how this works

Let me know if there are any problems. You now see that the site is encrypted. (HTTPS instead of HTTP)


OK, You asked for it. Here he is: Nostrildamus!



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Trying to fix the problems



I think I figured it out. I found a plug-in that lets me use the old editor. Let me know if there are problems with the visuals not appearing or security warnings.






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Trouble in Paradise

This gallery contains 1 photo.

People have told me that they are getting a message about security when they try to access the site. Another said that the visuals aren’t appearing. I checked it on another of my old computers, and I’m not getting visuals. … Continue reading

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The good news is…

I got a REAL HAIRCUT! You don’t know how good it feels! And Delores is going to look much better.

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