I just recently connected with a cousin of mine I hadn’t seen in 35 years. On Facebook. someone is using his identity to try to scam my cousin’s friends. The guy has a Facebook Page with my cousin’s identity. He sent me an instant message.

It starts out: Good to hear from you, i’m doing great and happy for my life because it has been changed to a better one, God is faithful and I’m just wondering if you have heard about my recent good fortune?

Then: The department of health and human service,they are helping the Retired, Old, Widow and Disable in the society, i just benefited from the program also.i got a sum of $150,000 from them, have you been contacted yet?

Then: Because i saw your name on their winning list when the UPS men came to delivered my won money to me at my doorstep you have to contact their claiming agent now did you know how to do that?

The thing is he has my cousin’s name and Facebook picture on his page. The dirty bastards like that who prey on the elderly, poor or uneducated should be severely punished. As for me, my uncle in Nigeria who was the assistant to the president was recently assassinated, and I need you all to give me your bank accounts so I can send you a million dollars. Remember the story I did when it turned out that those emails were secret coded messages from the planet Grelzak to Zerblat regarding the invasion of Earth? I ought to run that story. I just finished a pretty good SciFi book along those lines. It’s Secret of the Ninth Planet by Donald Wollheim


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  1. Tom B says:

    Sad, seems every day you read a similar story. This happens all too often, am amazed how I get multiple calls every day from some scammer or another. Is one of the reasons I’m not on facebook..

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