And guess who’s in town.

No bananas this time, but he tried to load me up with a couple tons of carambolas. That’s all I need is the runs.

You people who aren’t privileged to live in Florida have probably never seen a palmetto bug, which is just a Godzilla sized flying cockroach. And when you stomp them they really, really stink. You haven’t lived until one has flown into your hair. When I was a kid in Anna Maria Elementary, there were palmetto bugs in the cafeteria kitchen. But Mrs. Miller had a plan to keep the numbers down. The kitchen had a herd of giant monkey spiders.  You’d be eating your creamed spinach and watching a giant monkey spider bring down a giant co0ckroach. There was never a dull moment.

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7 Responses to Friday…

  1. David Hardin says:

    Google failed me. A search for “Monkey Spiders” only returned “Spider Monkeys”. Suspect the cafeteria wasn’t full of monkeys (non-human ones, that is). Can we get pictures?
    When my daughter was in the Peace Corps in Ghana she had to deal with camel spiders. Not spiders at all since they have 10 legs. They need all those legs for the amount of ugly and nasty they carry.

  2. Robert R says:

    So does eating carambolas give one regularity to the extreme? I have not ate one so I am in the dark as to its medical effects.

    • Bud Grace says:

      There also called star fruit. I’m sure you’ve either eaten one or seen them at the grocery. Banana Bob’s here are the kwang tung variety. They are very tasty.

  3. Bob Chadwick says:

    I am reminded of a statement by my old Rollins College chem teacher, Tal Callahan…. “If you earn more than $40,000 a year you have palmetto bugs. Less than $40,000, you got ROACHES.”

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