From yesterday – 1989 was my first trip to Sweden, first to Stockholm, then I believe we stopped over night at Jonkoping on our way to Göteborg for the Book Fair. Peter Grannby of Bulls Press was the zoo handler in charge of me and Frau G. At the fair I was a luncheon guest of the Svenska Seriakademins where Sture Hergfors, president of the academy and principal founder of the book fair, presented me with the Adamson Award for best international comic strip.

Of course I was wearing a coat and tie, and at the luncheon I was talking to Lasse Åberg, and the topic of neckties arose. He said how stupid they were. He was wearing stupid little tie. He took it off and gave it to me.

Both Lasse Åberg and Sture Hergefors are marvelously talented and accomplished men, and it has been a privilege to know each of them.

This is from 2008, the Piranha Club election of treasurer with the usual results.


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  1. AndyW says:

    I love that “diploma” – I used to use those fonts “back in the day.”
    Nice use of a halftone.

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