And the answer is…

Lisa got it.

I wonder if whoever wrote the music got it from the movie. The film was made in 1957, just 22 years after the movie. And Elvis was really, really great in that performance. In my view, he was the greatest entertainer of the 20th Century. Do you know who was the top American performer in the first half of the last century? Al Jolsen started in 1910 and continued performing until 1950.


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3 Responses to And the answer is…

  1. Pieter says:

    Is there something I’m missing? I can’t get my head around the difference between the film and movie. Is it the 22 years difference? What performance? I guess it must be the problem being on the other side of the pond and realising that there is a commmon language that is separating us. I say to-MAh-to, you say to-MAY-to….

  2. Pieter says:

    I get that, it was more the case of the film being made 22 years after the movie. That is the interesting puzzle……. 🙂

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