I finally finished…

It’s my final single panel book. If you have the Guess who Got Lucky book, there is a lot of repetition from that in this one. I shifted things around. I wanted to put almost all my naughty cartoons in this book and the somewhat more dignified cartoons in the I Thought They’d Never Leave book. There are 161 cartoons in the collection. One other collection of magazine cartoons is in the What’s New in Science book. The cartoons in that one would probably only appeal to those who know a little about science. I think the new Suckling Pig book is available now, but it just passed the editors this morning. It will be a couple days before it’s available.

Be forewarned. The new book is not for kids. 18 or older.

I’ll have the Suckling Pig

I thought they’d Never Leave

What’s New in Science


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