What day is it today?

OK, I have an excuse for Tuesday. I was up at 1:00 AM. I had to take Frau G down to Sarasota for eye surgery. I only had two hours of sleep. If that isn’t a good enough excuse, I’m also old and stupid. So today I’ll post Monday thru Thursday’s strips…

But first: When I went to North Carolina a few weeks back, well I had two nice peppers and a tomato I hated to lose, so I put them in a baggie in the freezer. Last night I decided I might as well roast them and so I did. I wasn’t too good, but this morning I hated to waste two good peppers and a tomato (what was left of them) so I fried them up and scrambled them with a couple eggs.


And it tasted just about as good as it looks. Do any of you people eat crap like this for breakfast? BTW I took one bite and tossed it. OK here’s a bunch of comics:


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2 Responses to What day is it today?

  1. Robert R says:

    That’s looks the same going in as it does coming out. You can freely interpret that comment.

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