Lisa has been asking about old T-shirts. I have a few, but just a few. Even though they’ve never been worn, some of the colors have faded or darkened or stained somehow. They were stored in a box for at least 25 years  This is what I have. I think some may be the front and back of the same shirt. I’ll have to check the sizes. There are at most a dozen.

I think that’s it. I’ll check how many. And I have to figure a fair way to get them out. I also have, as I said before, a few other items. Like neckties and bow ties. I’ll check. You know, if enough people were interested I could make up new T’s.

BTW Frau G has greeting cards by me at:

Hey, I make 38¢ for each card they sell. There are more cards coming.

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3 Responses to Sunday

  1. Robert R says:

    Anything tacky in XL?

  2. Terry Sims says:

    oooo, I’d go for one in a large

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