And happy Labor Day. Not only is Labor Day a day off work for lots of people, it’s also a salute to all the hard working men and women who provide us with all the wonderful goods and services we often take for granted. All I did was sit on my backside and draw pictures. But when I was young I did yard work, picked tobacco, bussed tables, dug clams, fished for scallops and made popsicles. For a couple years I worked for the State of Florida. I directed the development of the Florida State Energy Efficient Building code. I did other stuff too, but that was mainly in academia, so that doesn’t count. I’ve always thought that a person who works hard and does his very best should be rewarded commiserate with the quality of his work. A person who digs a ditch or collects the trash deserves to make a decent living just as much as a doctor or lawyer or anybody else. My hats off to you who work.

About those T-shirts, there aren’t too many of them. If I have time tomorrow, I’ll dig them out and see what I have.


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