I just came across this:

That’s, from the front, Mizell, Debbie, 19 year old Duce, Eagle, Pepsie, Dopey, Robin, Shorty and Twister. At one time Shorty was a pack mule, but he kept falling down. That’s U-No-Hoo third from the back. We went down about 1000 feet then back up. I gained a lot of respect for mules that day.

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  1. djhardin says:

    Ummm, not to be picky, but Chevrolet didn’t start making Vegas until 1970. I can sympathize with Beardo, though, having owned a 1972 hatchback.
    However, maybe Beardo and Quacko had one that was a preproduction prototype.

    • Bud Grace says:

      Oops. That was supposed to say ’73 Vega. Thanks for pointing it pout. I’m working on the revised books which I hope to finish this week. I’ll make the correction. Believe me, I’ve already made lots and lots of corrections.

  2. AndyW says:

    Sorry – getting back from a fishing trip to Minnesota. When in Moloka’i, I took the mules down a narrow mountain trail to the leper’s colony. I asked why they used slow mules instead of faster horses and the wrangler said that when startled (as by a snake), horses will jump but a mule just stands there. On a mountain trail, standing is better than jumping.

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