Tom B just sent me a link to a video that had been deleted, and I responded “Arrrggh! It occurred to me that everyone may not know how to pronounce certain cartoon onomatopoeias. So I am going to edify you. This is how you pronounce “Arrrggh!”:

Sparky asked me about Charlie Brown’s appearance in Ernie, so I sent him the original. I don’t think he was amused.



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4 Responses to Wednesday

  1. Nils the Swede says:

    Dear Buddy, every morning when I check your blog I’m expecting a live performance by you, the ukulele star. No luck so far.
    For your inspiration you can check this
    Why not make your version of this smash hit? The accent goes very well with the ukulele.
    Frau G can also take part in the performance.

  2. Bob says:

    Thanks for the update on how to pronounce certain cartoon onomatopoeias.

    It is very clear that Arrrggh! is pronounced as in your sound bite.
    However, how do I differentiate the difference between when you say Arrrggh!
    and a Pirate says Arrrggh!

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