Three things. Nils is waiting for a ukulele performance by U-No-Hoo. Give me another couple weeks of practice. You ought to see my ukulele class. The teacher is a 70ish lady and the class is fifteen old ladies and me. Our teacher doesn’t like Hawaiian music. Picture me and fifteen little old ladies playing This Gun’s for Hire on our ukes. And they’re all better than I am. Meanwhile, Nils sends this link.

Bob K points out that my “Arrrggh!” is correct for comments, but not for pirates. And he’s right. Here’s a pirate “Arrrggh!”

Compare this to the cartoon “Arrrggh!”

Third, Guess who stopped by today. Hint:

 That little story about Charlie Brown only lasted three days. This following story appeared right after the Charlie Brown episode.

Any other requests for stories?



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4 Responses to Thursday

  1. Julienne says:

    Effie and the monkeys

  2. Lisa B. says:

    I would love “The Great Escape” featuring Grandpa Fernwilter and Shorty. In my opinion, it contains some of your best artwork. And it’s really funny.

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