I think Arnoldine is my favorite character.

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3 Responses to Thursday

  1. Otto says:

    Hi Bo

    First off, thank you so much for doing this site. It’s the single one I check in on most often. I pretty much grew up reading the Ernie strip in the daily paper. Always read it at the end, saving the best for last.
    I remember the one with cows falling from the sky, and the president as a response decides to bomb Libya. I just couldn’t stop laughing, sorry to hear that it actually cost you a bit in the aftermath, I think it should’ve been the other way around!
    Now, secondly, something seems wrong with the internet. When I google search for the mighty moose milkers team of Bayonne, I get all kinds of hits, but not the real thing. Can you fix it?

    Wish you and Frau G all the best!
    Greetings from Sweden

    • Bud Grace says:

      Thanks for the kind comments. My strips aren’t posted on the web. Perhaps the King Features web site has them. I don’t know. But since you asked, and since the Olympics are coming up, I’ll post the story on this blog beginning a week from Monday

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