For those of you who are dumb, errata isn’t the plural of erotic.

Yesterday, the Sunday I posted had the wrong black file. Just so you know, I work in a CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) color scheme. When you buy ink for your printer, well, you know that’s what you use. For tv, videos, etc. we use RGB (red, green and blue). Well, I work in CMYK, and when I post on the internet it’s automatically converted to RGB. BTW, you may notice that if you post colored graphics on the web, you can’t just use RGB. You have to save your file in the jpg format especially for publication on the internet. That’s because you can’t have billions of different colors. The system couldn’t handle it. So for publishing on the web, a finite number of colors are allowed. Here’s an example. It’s a Sunday file as I colored it without saving it in the web format:

And here it is with the color corrected:

OK, So here is yesterday’s (Sunday’s) post using the correct black file.

BTW I was hacked again today. What a bitch!

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11 Responses to Errata

  1. Robert R says:

    I can see no difference on my iPhone 12 max or iPad. I did not see any difference with my Dell 22 inch photo monitor either. I wonder if some of the software now automatically does conversions. I have no doubt the originals were different.

    As a side note, talking about vegetable gardens our springer appears to have ate another jalapeño pepper. For some reason she has been eating them since she was a puppy. She is 9 now.

    • Bud Grace says:

      When I got my son’s Jack Russell as a puppy years ago, She ate her poop. I tried everything. Rubbing her nose in iot and stuff like that. Finally I poured a whole bunch of Tabasco on it. She munched away, the tears rolling down her little doggie cheeks.

    • Bud Grace says:

      My reply is in today’s text. Dichotomy explained. I think.

  2. Joe says:

    Same for me on my desktop iMac with Retina display running latest Monterey OS.
    No difference in the two version on my screen.

  3. Judy Lynch says:

    On my desktop computer the incorrect version has brighter colors than the correct version, and some of the colors are a little different.
    Our tomatoes are huge but are cracking on top. They are delicious! Wish you had had better luck with yours.
    Sorry for your troubles with the new boat trailer. So glad you are both okay and your boat didn’t get damaged. Stay safe!!

  4. Chris M says:

    Same for me. Checked on two devices. LenovoLaptop with two displays and on iPhone. I couldn’t see the difference.

  5. AndyW says:

    With my MacBook Pro and iPhone they look the same. Left AZ for some travel up north and got some delicious Minnesota tomatoes. They love hot and humid!

  6. Sorry you got hacked again… I run my own webserver on a gcloud instance
    and get nowhere near the traffic you get. But all day and all night, hacker-bots
    are trying to get in. Have you ever gotten the chance to see your raw web-logs? “POST /Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml 404 “POST /mgmt/tm/util/bash 404 “GET /config/getuser?index=0 404 “POST /boaform/admin/formLogin 404 “GET /_ignition/execute-solution 404 “GET /.env 404 “GET /.env 404 “GET /.env 404 “GET /zbilakntkhdame.php 404 “GET /0.php 404 “GET /01.php 404 “GET /0byte.php 404 “GET /1.php 404

    I guess if any of that stuff was present on my server I’d be toast 🙂 …

    • Bud Grace says:

      Are all those hacking attempts on my blog? There’s something that I can do to cut it down, according to my server host. I’ll look into it this week. More about this in today’s post.

      • Mike Marshall says:

        I can’t see your logs 🙂 … those are my logs. The bots aren’t targeting me, they’re doing that to everyone on the Internet all day and all night every day. The majority of what I see when I look at my logs is exploits for wordpress. I don’t know what they’re looking for in the snippet I posted above…


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