About your comments on the colors of the two different files: On my computers the colors are markedly different. If I just do a straight jpg, then on the web it looks like day glow colors. My newest IMac is a 2018. I don’t think the problem has to do with the Retina display. The browser I mostly use is Firefox.

I just checked Chrome and the colors are the same as Firefox, i.e. day glow. But Safari corrects the colors automatically. I suspect that you guys who said the colors are fine use Safari. And if you don’t, it has to do with whatever browser you do use.

Besides cayenne peppers (I’ve got about a million in my freezer. put them in Ziplock bags with olive oil. My cayennes and Frau G’s mongoes are doing battle for freezer dominance) and tomatoes (sort of) I can grow onions, too. Actually last winter I had an onion rotting in my pantry. I stuck it in the ground. They were right in the middle of one of my cayenne pepper patches. Have you ever done this?

They are about 3-4 inches long.

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  1. Steamer says:

    Pa Arnoldski, what a mensch! I love that Arnold got his fashion sense from him, and his good looks from Mrs Arnoldski.

  2. Chris M says:

    I’ve viewed the cartons on an iPhone using Safari, and a PC using Fire fox, brave, and chrome. All were the same. So I think you must have some thing that is saving your JPEG files in Web friendly colors. I’ve seen that choice in my photo editor. Are use Photoshop version six. Not the online version. So check your photo editor to see how it’s saving JPEG’s.

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