Fredrick E sent me this.

BTW, the future of cars isn’t electric. It’s hydrogen.

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  1. Fred J says:

    It stands to reason that energy production on-board will be much more efficient than far away at a power plant. Losses in transmission, voltage corrections in all the transformers en route, charging, and storage over time take their toll on electric dreams. The Carnot thermodynamic limitations are still in place for a steam power plant so the only way around that is the horribly inefficient “green energy” with all of its environmental consequences and expense. My vote was for fuel cell energy production on-board but that never flew. Too expensive, short life times and never had good efficiencies that I ever heard. Hydrogen? Gotta mass produce it from fossil fuels so what is the point. The energy for dissociation of sea water has to come from somewhere. Nuclear? We need fusion!

  2. Chris M says:

    Hydrogen? Hindenburg? How could things go wrong?

    • Bud Grace says:

      Two things: Technology has come a long way. No three things. There are already hydrogen powered vehicles on the road. Third, gasoline is just as explosive. If we are still around in ten years, see if I’m right. Nostrildamus has spoken.

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