Frau G calls Friday date night. We sit around and get boozed up.

Tom B sent this one in comments

Hey, don’t you just love those telephone help lines? I’m trying to buy a refrigerator .



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  1. Martha says:

    My brother was trying to grow sea monkeys in a fish tank and I was pissed at him for some reason so I poured a bottle of rubbing alcohol into the tank. Needless to say, the sea monkeys never hatched. I felt kind of bad about it in later years and confided to my therapist about what I had done, labeling it passive aggressive behavior. She looked at me. “It might have been aggressive,” she commented, “but it certainly wasn’t passive.”

  2. Chris M says:

    Oh my God, Bud. Unless your appliance has quit completely, don’t change a thing. I replaced the dishwasher because the plastic had gone bad and the metal basket was rusting. Bad idea. My new dishwasher takes four hours to run a cycle It never dries a dish. Hopeless.

    I foolishly wanted a bigger refrigerator. So I bought what everyone said was the latest greatest. In the American line that is,. They are made in China. About twice a night while I’m sleeping, it sounds like it is dropping Adam bombs on Tokyo.That’s the ice machine. It makes last size than the old smaller one. It’s not adjustable. You have to open both doors in order to do anything, so French doors are a really stupid idea.

    If you cannot find an appliance at a friends house which works well, I suggest doing nothing. You won’t be disappointed with that decision.

    • Bud Grace says:

      It’s a done deal. I just replaced a drawer slider and the defrost thermostat. Then the thermostat failed again. I got a good deal at Best Buy. I opened a Best Buy credit card and got a 10% discount. It’s the same style and size as our old GE, but it’s a Samsung. We like side by side, not those things with the freezer drawer on the bottom.

  3. AndyW says:

    Love the customer service call. I get that every time I call the Arizona Republic help line to inform them that their online service isn’t working (usually links). You’d think that Gannett would have the resources to get something to work (as the Seattle Times does). Arggh!

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