About those books – I had trouble with the 2015-2016 and 2017-2018 books. The publishers didn’t believe I was the creator of the 15-16 book. The rest were no problem. They’re difficult to deal with. I finally convinced them that I was who I said I was with this email:

Please try to understand. My comic strip Ernie, also known as Piranha Club in the United States was syndicated world wide by King Features Syndicate for thirty years during the period 1988-2018. King Features owns the copyright. We are trying to have the entire collection available from Kindle. So far you have approved 13 of the 15 books.

In the 2017-2018 book you tell me that I have to make the author on the cover match the author on the copyright page. My couple million fans recognize my signature “BoGrace”. A collection of comic strips is not like a novel. Would you accept it if I add the name Bo Grace as a co-contributor? Also you say that my trim size is wrong. My trim size is 17.465×11.25. According to your template, you say that it should be 17.464×11.25. I can’t believe that 1/10,000 of an inch makes that much difference. It also seems that you’re not sure that I’m the creator of these comic strips. This is a photo of me I just now took:

You can see that I’m holding one of my comic strips. If you look over my shoulder, you can see my drawing table. If you go to my blog,, and click on “Delores” in the menu bar, you can see that the person in all the videos is the same person (me) in the picture above. Can you see the Delores wig on the top of the bookshelf behind me? If you like I will take a video of myself drawing one of my characters. You may also want to look at my Wikipedia article:

Again I ask you, what kind of documentation do you need from King Features’ lawyers? They will be happy to supply it. 

Thanks for your attention to this matter.

Bud Grace

See what I have to go through?


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