I finally finished the second collection of Ernie/Piranha Club Sundays. It will be available from Amazon in a few days. The bad news is that the printing costs are very high. They raised them a couple months ago. It costs $28 (of which I get $1.80). I also had to raise the price of all the daily collections, except 88-89-90 and 17-18, by $1. They won’t print them otherwise. But relax. I will make a Kindle versions of all 17 collections available by the end of this coming week. Most of the daily collections will be $5. I don’t know the cost of the Kindle versions of the Sunday collections or the 88-89-00 and 17-18 dailies yet. I’m limited to uploading a max of 3 books a day because Amazon is fighting the the uploading of AI generated titles. After these I intend to do one more collection of Sundays, then I’m done. It takes a long time. This last Sunday collection took me over 5 months to finish. I have to recolor, reformat, etc.  I do have a couple collections of magazine cartoons that are available on Amazon I think. They may make me raise the price like on the daily collections. In a couple weeks I’ll make them available on Kindle as well.


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4 Responses to Saturday

  1. Russ says:

    Kindle versions? Great!

  2. Tom B says:

    Hey, I know you love doing it. I’ve bought several of your books, they make great xmas gifts!

  3. AndyW says:

    You make anything on the Kindle?

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