Whew! I’ve been revising the dailies collections since June, and I think I finally finished yesterday. I thought I would have everything done by the beginning of September, but no way. I had to resize all the pages and reformat my word files, and I kept finding mistakes. There are probably errors that I missed, but the books are much better than the first time around. They should be available on Amazon in a week or so. And I was able to make them cheaper. Earlier I redid my single panel books on Amazon and the print quality is much better than before.  Here’s an Excel page for the layout 2007-2008 book:

If you blow it up you might be able to read it. Every story or stand alone gag is labeled. I have the page number where they appear in the book, a description of the gag or the story, how many strips in a chapter and how many pages each chapter takes up. There’s a total of almost 10,000 strips. Double whew.


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