Sorry that my Sunday post was late.

Thanks for your comments about my graphs on the relation between CO2 and global warming.  One of the comments was by Steve A:

Bud –

The primary problem appears to be in what ‘scientists’ are doing to make data fit their hypothesis and what governments are doing to impose unrealistic conclusions and laws on society.

Al Gore’s infamous trumpeting of the ‘hockey stick curve’ of CO2 levels has been exposed as incomplete and misleading according to many scientific sources that were sequestered and penalized for differing views.

Here are some articles that I found to be more credible that what the mainstream media has broadcasted:

The “hockey stick” curve obscures Earth’s CO2 history

Man-made or natural global warming?

Greenpeace co-founder: Earth’s geologic history ‘fundamentally contradicts’ CO2 warming fears – Patrick Moore, Ph.D.

Climate change for Babies – Book review by Joe Bastardi – July 19th, 2022

As a response, these are the “scientists” that you referenced:

Your first reference was written by Ronald Stein. He has a BS in electrical engineering. Stein has been named as the private business spokesperson for the energy industry. (Wikipedia) In 2018 he won the “President’s Award” from the Western State Petroleum Industry.

Your second reference, Daniel Nerbert, is a pediatrician.

Third reference is Patrick Moore. He does have a credible education, and he did lead Canadian Greepeace for 15 years. He has a Bachelor of Science in forest biology at the University of British Columbia and a PhD in ecology on the administration of environmental law relating to the mining industry. He gradually changed his views over the years. He now is a spokesperson for various concerns including the nuclear industry, the logging industry and the genetic engineering industry. On a French television show, Patrick Moore claimed that Roundup was safe to drink, despite being toxic to humans.
During the interview, Moore dismissed the safety concerns associated with the herbicide, and went through his routine of false claims about glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup. But the host of the show surprised Moore and offered him a glass of Roundup to drink. Moore, cornered, refused the glass of Roundup and said, “I’m not an idiot.” Drinking glyphosate, of course, can be deadly, and there is evidence that Roundup causes cancer. Moore often makes reckless claims and statements, but rarely was he caught as openly as in this televised story, which has been shared around the world over multiple newscycles. (Wikipedia)  Here is the brief interview.

Fourth is Joe Bastardi. He’s a weatherman with a BS in meteorology. (Wikipedia)

During his tenure President George W. Bush commissioned the American Academy of Sciences, the most highly educated, accomplished and smartest people in America, to investigate the question. They overwhelmingly concurred that greenhouse gas emmissions is the principal cause of climate change. If you don’t believe me click this.

And if you look once more at the graph that I posted, and I’ve truncated it and compressed the abscissa:

Kind of looks like a hockey stick, doesn’t it?


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5 Responses to Monday

  1. Robert R says:

    Weird I was thinking of the Dr Pork in the pot series on Sunday and likely would have requested it.

  2. Gary says:

    Bud said…. As a response, these are the “scientists” that you referenced:
    Your first reference was written by Ronald Stein. He has a BS in electrical engineering.

    Comment: Yeah, I too have noticed that many of these critics have degrees that don’t lead me to give some of them much credibility about their climate change positions and arguments.

    I have BSEE and MSEE degrees, but I ain’t about to write a paper on the earth’s CO2 history. As they say in the unions, “stick to your trade” if you want to look credible.

  3. Mike Reardon says:

    I’m still watching your blog. This is Mike Reardon. Out for the biggest storm we met on the Baltic Cruise in 21 going to the Black Sea.

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