Sunday And Happy New Year!

Speaking of monkeys, back in the early 90’s, King Features did a promotion based on the two monkey stories that I had drawn. I was dressed like an island guy (which I am) and they got this monkey to do the photoshoot. Now this monkey, as they assured me, was the friendliest, gentle photoshoot monkey on the face of the planet. It took three or four hours to get ready to shoot, and all that time everybody was playing with the monkey. The monkey was really getting pissed. The time came to take the photo. They put the monkey on my shoulder, she started screaming, knocked off my hat, and bit me on the top of my head, then she jumped down and turned over the tray of beer on my lap. If you look closely at the photo you can see my wet pants that we tried to obscure. Well, they took the photo of me alone and a bunch of pictures of the monkey which they added to the shot. This is not the publicity brochure, it was the program for the National Cartoonists Society convention in 1995.


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