About the Sunday collection, I went through them all and picked out the ones that I liked most.  I’ll let you know when it is available on line. I had to charge $15. Couldn’t help it. The printing cost is nearly $7.15 and Amazon takes 60% of the total price. I end up with $1.85. I make about 5 cents an hour doing these books. Remember the Dylan song? You got to serve somebody. I haven’t gotten a copy yet, but it should look good. There are 165 strips covering 30 years. On Sunday for my post I’ll upload one of the pages. And by then the book should be listed online.



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  1. Bought the Sunday collection. Looking forward to it!

    I read your intro in the preview, and you talked about how you got your first computer in 1996 to help with your comic strip. In addition to coloring, did using computer also help with any other aspect of your strip, like sending the strips to your syndicate digitally? 1996 would have been cutting-edge for this sort of stuff.

    • Bud Grace says:

      Yes it did. Before getting my first computer I had bought a copy machine and mailed the strips into King. I also kept a set of copies of the originals. With the computer all my cartoons were saved digitally. And I stopped drawing the boxes and started printing them. For a while I had the boxes printed at a print shop. The problem I had was with the Sundays. I drew on 2 ply Strathmore bristol board, high surface (smooth). The Sundays took board that was 16×11.5 inches, too big for a regular printer. I bought a large format Epson printer, but it was lousy, a waste of money. Eventually I drew the Sundays on 8×22, if I recall. Two rows of 4 panels. No title panel. I had to feed the paper through, turn it around and feed it through again. The printer wold only handle a max 8.5×14. Also, beyond coloring, I did my drawing editing. So my computer has saved me a ton of work over the years. I think I’ve bout about 13 Macs of one sort or another over the years. You might also be interested to know that I always used Windsor Newton India ink and Brause 2mm nibs. Once Strathmore changed hands and their board went bad. The ink would feather on the paper. For about three years I had to use Cannon bristol.It wasn’t as good as the old Strathmore, but I was able to make it work. Eventually Strathmore fixed the problem.

      • I love these shop talk! Huh, I’m glad Strathmore fixed their problem; I had trouble with it when I used it years ago, too.

        Interesting about how you handled the problem with printing Sunday panels. On my comic I print out panel templates on multiple sheet, which I combine into one strip after scanning. Sundays take up three or four sheets of paper, for example.

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