A while back, I can’t find the email. somebody asked me to run the first strips, the last one, and the story where the title was change to Piranha Club here in the States. Maybe it was changed in other places as well, I don’t know. But here’s the first one from February 2, 1988…

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  1. Bud, got the Sunday comics book! Nice to see the strip in color.

    When I lived in Japan (“Piranha Club” ran in Daily Yomiuri) they always ran the Sunday comics in B&W, so this is one of the rare times I got to see the strip in color. Nice to see it for once.

    • Bud Grace says:

      When I talked to Strathmore they wouldn’t admit that anything was wrong. Thank God they fixed it. And if you use a dip pen, you know that all India ink isn’t the same. I tried everything and Windsor Newton stands head and shoulders above the rest. And I loved those Brause nibs. Hard to find, though. Way back 35 years ago I shopped at NY Central. I could find anything there. I wish I could find another Osmiroid art pen like they made back then. I did all my magazine catroons with it. Loved it. I recently bought a Pen & Ink Sketch Pen which is pretty good. I had to order it online though. Most art supply stores you got to now are for little old ladies who want to paint pictures of cats. Crap equipment.

    • Bud Grace says:

      Isn’t that beautiful. If I had $29k to throw away I’d buy it. I’m sure it would run just about as good as my old ’58 Belvedere. Speaking of which, in my junior play in 1960 I starred in the Mr. Belvedere play.

  2. Norm Haywood says:

    That was me making the request for the first and last Ernie and first and last Piranha Club. Thanks, Bud.

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