Tuesday and Wednesday

Sorry about yesterday. I was out all day long. One of my gigs was a birthday party for lady on her 99th birthday. Sorry to say they put her into hospice that morning.


Hey, nobody knows what a peridontal mandibular uvula is for. I was just thinking about that yesterday. Too bad it’s not on the outside or women could hang an earring on it. You watch. The newest fashion trend will be pierced uvulas. Like pierced tongues.

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2 Responses to Tuesday and Wednesday

  1. Divad says:

    Not unlike Rule 34, if you can think of it, it’s been done. According to the recesses of the interwebs, uvula piercing was the hot trend about 15 years ago.
    Warning, click this link and you’ll see a picture of it.

    And do you remember eye implant jewelry?

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