I believe that the paperback and Kindle versions of all the collections are now available, or very soon will be. But if you had intended to buy the two Sunday collections in paperback, hold off. I am going to try to reduce the printing cost of book 2 significantly. The cost of the Brunch #2 book is much higher than the Brunch book, and I think I know why. File sizes in book 2 are higher than in book 1. I think it’s because of all the color gradients in book 2. I should have it done in a few days.

BTW, today FSU (9-0) is playing the North Alabama Lions (7-3) 

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  1. Russ says:

    I bought the Kindle version of “Ernie and the Piranha Club 2003-2004”. I tried to view it on my Paperwhite Kindle and it said it wasn’t the correct device. I opened in my iPhone SE’s Kindle app and it opened but that’s too small a screen to watch. I started up the Kindle app on my Chromebook, which is the most convenient viewing device for comics, and got an error box saying “The book you’re trying to read can only be opened using Kindle app.” (Other comics work just fine on t he chromebook.)

    I was using the Kindle chromebook app so what other type of app is there (other than my phone which is too small)?

    I was looking to buy the complete set of your books but they have to work in the chromebook app before I get the rest of them.

  2. Sven Larson says:

    Thanks for making these collection albums! I have ordered the print versions of the first three. I am going to buy them all in chronological order. The price is not bad at all.

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