I’ve been making corrections to my latest Sundays collection, Brunch #3. I think I’ve corrected all the mistakes, although there were only a few. The final versions, standard and Collector’s, should be ready this coming week. The collector’s version is on higher quality paper. My next job is to republish a reedited and updated version of what I originally titled Guess Who Got Lucky.  It’s a collection of magazine cartoons I drew before I started Ernie. Then I’m going to make hard cover versions available.

I’m also going to make all the books available on Kindle. They’re much cheaper in that digital format, and  believe they would also available outside the US, Canada and GB.  I just Googled Ernie and the Piranha Club,  and you can find books for sale all over the place. And a lot of those sites charge more than you should pay. It’s even available from Walmart.  If you’re interested, try going directly to Amazon via this link:


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  1. AndyW says:

    Guess Who Got Lucky is a great book!

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