Speaking of possums, I recall my old college friend, Jerome Touchton. He was from South Georgia, and quite a character. He was a year behind me, and he dropped out after his junior year and joined the army. In the mean time I went to grad school and then to work at UGA. I came back to Tallahassee. This was about ten years later. Turned out Jerome got out of the army and came back with a wife and baby to go back to college. He looked me up. I helped him a little bit with his physics course. The first time over his house he told me about this huge white rat that was sometimes getting into his attached laundry room. I said “Let’s go see if he’s there.” Sure enough he was. One would think that a Georgia country boy would know the difference between a possum and a rat. Or maybe it was a Mongolian mongoose. By the way, according to the morality police at Facebook, the term “Mongolian mongoose” is a form of hate speech.

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