Date Night

Speaking of pi*z*z*a, Chris M can spell banana:

And here is a little info from Gary E:

Regarding the black dots image: You can usually see two dots at once if you look at the intersection between the dots where there is not one present. Tilting your head does the same with the diagonal lines. Isn’t stereo vision amazing?

And this just now came in from Chris:

What’s really strange is that at 6 inches with the image about 12 inches wide, I see all twelve. The center two are in and out. I have macular degeneration seriously affecting the center of my field of vision on both eyes.

Reading machine text is difficult. Drawn characters such as in the strips are highly challenging. Sometimes I have to guess at the words from context.

This condition sucks.

I’m very sorry to learn that, Chris. I sincerely hope your condition stabilizes.

As for cartoon lettering, one can get sloppy. I tried very hard to be legible, even Photoshopping when it was really bad. For me the hardest part of drawing a strip was the lettering. I would pencil it first just like I did the drawing. I could fit 21 letters or spaces in a panel. The I’s took half a space. Sometimes it was tricky. Back around 2000-2001 I created a font suitcase using my drawn letters. Actually I made six suitcases and wrote a little program to alternate the font set as I was typing. Look at the E’s. You’ll notice that they are just a little different from one another. If you don’t know, a font suitcase is kind of like a file folder. Switching between different suitcases made the kerning difficult.

Very neat, isn’t it? I used it for about two and a half years then went back to drawing my fonts.

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6 Responses to Date Night

  1. S maltophilia says:

    Is Spencer the scanner part of a story? If so, please post it.

  2. Chris M says:

    Thanks for the good wishes, Bud. The form I have is untreatable and irreversible. It’s the death of cells in two layers of the retina, the photoreceptors and a pigmented layer next to it. I delay its progress with a vitamin called AREDS 2.

    I never knew about he labor you took with your scripts. It makes your gags work for me.

    The broad stroke of the fonts helps a lot, as lack of contrast makes the words unclear. Colored backgrounds are more difficult too. I remember you did some lengthy videos telling about your work. Could you link those again?

  3. Gary E says:

    Note for Chris M:

    I too take AREDS2 on the advice of my optometrist. You have likely already discovered this, but in case you have not Walmart carries a generic version of the exact same ingredients formulation for a significant savings over buying the B&L version.
    Just a little shopping tip in the time of inflation. (wink)

  4. Chris M says:

    Thanks Gary,

    I did not know about the generic, as labels area mystery for me.

    My local Walmart is hot or miss on everything. Their website is inaccurate. And driving there is 25 miles each way.

    I’ve found that the convenience and reliability of Amazon works best. And they always have the big bottles.

    You learn to make adjustments when you have impaired sight. And to be thankful for when things work.

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